Available Formats

Product Formats

APT's products are available in three formats:

ArborGran Granular Technology

  • A small spherical shaped granular bead for use as a color masterbatch.
  • Fully micro-encapsulated, high quality dispersion which can contain up to 85% functional additives, colorant, and or fragrance.   Fully-sealed granular with extensive shelf life.
  • Becomes the central feedstock for all other APT Product Formats.

ArborBatch Patented Pellet Format

Patented process that enables the ArborGran to be compacted into cylindrical pellets for use as an MFP (Multi-functional Pellet or masterbatch).  Pellet is designed to readily revert to granular format for rapid dispersion in the barrel.

ArborBatch - Lite
ArborBatch - Dark

ArborBond Proprietary Additive Coatings Technology

  • APT Products have been designed to be bonded mechanically over the top of natural Polypropylene, PVC, TPO, and Elastomer beads. APT additives become the “M & M” coating over the base feedstock resin.
  • This product arrives ready to process without any type of mixing. (Lower priced and higher quality when compared to conventional pre-colored products.)






APT's products offer lower pricing and higher quality than conventional pre-colored products.


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