Additive Delivery System


MFP® Delivery System

The APT Enhancer technology not only provides very measurable process improvements, it also has the capability of acting as a very efficient carrier of other additives.  APT has developed an additive delivery system called MFP ® (Multi-Functional Pellet), which has the capability of providing additives such as UV, fire retardant, color, etc. together, all in one pellet, such that the concentration of additive is the highest in the industry. 

Let-Down Ratios of the MFP ®  pellets are significantly lower than for the combined addition of each additive individually.  Due to its unique chemistry, Qwik Shot ® can act as binder, filler and Enhancer to many combinations of regularly used additives.

Example: Custom Re-useable Pallet Additives Package

Typical Number
of Additives
MFP Solution
  • Fire Retardant
  • UV Protection
  • Anti-Microbial / Fungal
  • Color
  • Foaming Agent
5 1
Usage ratio (LDR)
(% of total resin use by weight)
20% 8%

Value-Add Formulations

In APT formulations, no “parasitic” binders, fillers or plastics are employed.  The carrier for the additives is the  Qwik Shot ® enhancer itself, which in addition to providing a very effective platform, contributes to process improvement.  In effect, there are no parasitic elements in APT’s additives – everything is “Value-add”.

ArborGran Comparison

APT offers industry’s highest additive loadings




MFP's unique chemistry allows Qwik Shot® to act as binder, filler, and enhancer to
many additive combinations.


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