APT Product Offerings


Product Offerings

Qwik Shot Enhancer

  • APT’s Qwik Shot® Enhancer offers unique and cost-effective process improvements. Typically, APT has found that a 1%-2% gravimetric loading of the Qwik Shot® is sufficient for most processes

Multi-Functional Pellets

  • A wide range of additive materials are available to combine with Qwik Shot® to provide highly-loaded Multi-Functional Pellet formats that lead the industry in low usage, low cost applications. You can combine Qwik Shot® with these commonly requested additives.

Color Matching

  • APT provides color matching capabilities.


Foaming Agents

APT offers weight-reduction benefits, as well as correction of heat-related defects through the use of its industry-leading foaming agents. You can learn more about foaming agents here.


APT's product offerings are cost-effective, and lead the industry in low-usage, low-cost applications.


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